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Littlefinger Death Scene Explained – Game of Thrones Behind The Scenes

Littlefinger death scene

Littlefinger Death Scene Explained

Littlefinger aka Lord Petyr Baelish was perhaps one of the most cunning characters of Game of Thrones series. But he met his own fate in Game of Thrones Season 7 finale. Lord Baelish death scene has been explained in Game of Thrones behind the scenes video. 

Littlefinger Death Scene Explained

This Game of Thrones Littlefinger death scene video reveals how the scene was enacted and how the Game of Thrones cast felt about this scene. Aidan Gillen (Littlefinger) gave a spectacular performance. 

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Aidan Gillen felt pretty good about Lord Baelish death scene. Says Aidan, “Tables are very cleverly turned much to Littlefinger’s and we hope the audience’s surprise. Also nice to probably see Littlefinger really unnerved for once and really backed into a corner and rattled and wrong and sorry and dying.”

For Brandon Stark, it’s a very interesting moment. Isaac Hempstead Wright (Brandon Stark) felt excited about the scene. Isaac said, “this for bran is an interesting moment in time this is like something he’d go back to see you know a hundred years ago.”

This revelation that Littlefinger has betrayed her family was an eye opener for Sansa Stark. Sophie Turner (Sansa Stark) thought that the trio, Sansa, Arya, and Littlefinger had a great scene. Says Sophie, “Bran brings the knowledge, Sansa’s the politician and Arya is the warrior.” 

Arya Stark perhaps enjoyed killing Littlefinger the most. In Maise Williams’s (Arya Stark) words, “eerie scene, because I was speaking to Aiden about it and he was like it’s a real shame because I always thought Littlefinger was a good person. And so I turned around and was like that’s why you play him so well because you don’t play him like he’s a bad character. You play him like every single one of his decisions is justified.” 

Jeremy Podeswa on Littlefinger Death Scene

Shooting Littlefinger’s death scene was one of the biggest moments of got 7×07 for Jeremy Podeswa, Director of the episode. Says Jeremy, “I think for Littlefinger because he’s the consummate player you don’t really expect him to ever get outplayed but he does get outplayed and that is like a shock. You could argue that if anybody deserved it, it’s him at this point.”

There are many complex characters on in Game of Thrones and you love them and you hate them. Littlefinger was one of those characters. Jeremy Podeswa did justice with Lord Baelish’ death scene.  

Talking more about the scene says Podeswa, “What I thought was so great about Aidan’s performance is that he really showed a kind of vulnerability and humanity in that last moment before he died. I think he really felt that he really loved Sansa and it’s kind of horrible when he gets killed.”

We will definitely miss Petyr Baelish in Game of Thrones Season 8. Adieu, Littlefinger aka Petry Baelish. 
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Isaac Hempstead Wright: Chaos Is A Ladder Was Badass

Chaos is a ladder

Chaos Is A Ladder – Brandon Stark

Brandon Stark and Littlefinger had a very interesting moment in Game of Thrones Season 7. When Littlefinger gives Brandon the Catspaw dagger Bran utters this phrase, ‘Chaos is a ladder‘ which takes Littlefinger by surprise. Littlefinger had said these exact words to Varys in one of his conversations with him.

Chaos is a ladder

Chaos Is A Ladder – Littlefinger to Varys

Isaac Hempstead Wright, the actor who plays Brandon Stark in Game of Thrones in fact enjoyed that moment when he freaked out Littlefinger. Says Isaac Hempstead Wright, “Saying ’chaos is a ladder’ to Littlefinger was so cool, though. I felt so badass in that scene, like, ‘Chaos is a ladder … yeeaaaah. How do you like that, Littlefinger?'” Yeah, that definitely freaked out Littlefinger.

Brandon Stark was also at times creepy and mostly cold in Game of Thrones Season 7. He came across as a total jerk when he recalled the night Sansa got married to Ramsay Bolton and was raped. Well, Isaac Hempstead Wright just apologized for his creepy behavior as Brandon Stark.

Chaos is a ladder

Brandon Stark With His Sisters, Arya Stark and Sansa Stark

Adds Isaac, ”Yeah, sorry about that. There were some cool bits to get to play, less so that creepy moment with Sansa. That was weird. I don’t think Bran meant that in a weird way. I don’t think he’s trying to freak his sister out by going, ‘Yeah, I know everything. Don’t f**k with me’. It’s more like Bran is processing everything he’s seen, like, ‘I’ve seen you there. That happened to you. I’m sorry for what happened to you’.

Choas is a ladder

Brandon Stark – Three Eyed Raven

And about the cold behavior of Brandon Stark, says Isaac, “Bran has lost that emotional connection. He just states what he sees in an almost autistic way, not really connecting with things but just saying how they are.

Isaac also explained why he didn’t know about Lyanna Stark and Rhaegar Targaryen’s wedding.

That was a bit confusing. The way I understand, it works like Bran has access. It’s like he’s got a Kindle library of every book of everything that’s ever happened in the world. He can access any of it in a heartbeat, but he hasn’t yet sat there and read it all. The old Three-Eyed Raven had a thousand years to sit in that cave to read every single page of everything that’s happened in the universe, and therefore be completely all knowing. Bran isn’t completely omniscient. He can look up anything he wants, but he hasn’t got it all by heart yet.

At that moment [in the finale], Bran was like, “Oh, yup, Rhaegar was [Jon’s] dad,” but he doesn’t think to explore it further. When Samwell Tarly says that [Rhaegar and Lyanna] were married, he can then confirm it. When his sisters come to him offscreen and go, “Can you look up what is the real deal with Littlefinger?” He can go, “He said this and this and this.”

Well, now we know why Brandon Stark is being so creepy and cold. The full interview can be found here.

Littlefinger Dies in the Finale – Game of Thrones Theories

Littlefinger has done a lot of damage to the Stark family. He betrayed Ned Stark which ultimately led to his execution and misused Catelyn Stark’s trust in him. Littlefinger sided with the Lannisters in the war of five kingdoms. He sold off Sansa Stark to the Boltons knowing the sadistic nature of Ramsay Bolton. And now he is playing off Sansa Stark and Arya Stark against each other. But he is probably in a surprise. What if Littlefinger dies in the Season Finale? Let’s analyze how that can be a possibility.

What is Littlefinger Up To?

Littlefinger dead

Littlefinger in Game of Thrones Season 7 Finale

Littlefinger sees Arya Stark and Sansa Stark’s relationship as a threat. He sees an opening to plant the seeds of mistrust when Arya duels with Brienne in Spoils of War. Littlefinger senses that he can exploit Sansa’s willingness to rule the north as a sign of betrayal towards Jon Snow for Arya. Arya watches as Sansa politely declined House Stark’s bannermen calls for her to supplant Jon Snow as leader of the North. Arya, later on, says to Sansa that she knows Sansa wants to be the queen, “You’re thinking it right now. You don’t want to be. But the thought just won’t go away.”

Later on, Littlefinger leads Arya to a letter written by Sansa in Season 1 to Robb asking him to express fealty to Joffrey. Arya confronts Sansa with that letter saying that she betrayed her family for her beloved Joffrey. Sansa tries to defend herself but Arya isn’t satisfied. Then, Sansa goes to Littlefinger expressing concerns about that letter coming out in public and how Arya can be dangerous. Littlefinger suggests that Brienne of Tarth can intervene if Arya poses any threat to Sansa. But Sansa ships Brienne and Podrick to King’s Landing to represent her at a G8 type summit being hosted by Cersei.

Sansa also finds Arya’s bag of faces and asks Arya about them. Arya scares Sansa by pointing the catspaw dagger at her and says to her that she can become Sansa Stark if she wishes to be. She also misrepresents some facts there especially of wearing pretty dresses if she wears Sansa’s face and also Sansa being all lady like when Ned Stark was being executed.

Littlefinger Dies in the Finale – A Possible Scenario

I think Arya and Sansa are playing a game the way Littlefinger plays other people. They are making Littlefinger believe that his plan of tearing the two sisters apart is working but in reality, there are plenty of clues now from Arya’s and Sansa’s conversation that indicate that this is all a ruse to turn the tables on Littlefinger in his style.

We also have a greenseer Brandon Stark who knows everything. I think Brandon Stark most likely has told Sansa already about Littlefinger’s betrayal towards Stark’s family. Sansa is just plotting a revenge by making Littlefinger think that his plan is working.

Littlefinger Dies

Isaac Hempstead Wright as Brandon Stark in Game of Thrones Season 7 Finale

Also, we still have to hear the famous dialogue yet from Sansa, “When the snows fall and the white winds blow, the lone wolf dies but the pack survives.”

Game of Thrones Season 7 Finale GIFS

Sansa Stark at Winterfell

Maybe she is gonna say this to Littlefinger when he is all caught up in his lies in front of all Stark House Bannermen. We will most likely say goodbye to Littlefinger in the season’s finale. Hence, why I think Littlefinger dies.