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Arya Stark: A Girl Has No Phone

Arya Stark iPhone X

Arya Stark iPhone X – Jaqen H’ghar Approves

Apple Reveals iPhone X and Arya Stark iPhone X Jokes Start Pouring In

So Apple had a launch event yesterday where they revealed iPhone X. iPhone X has a unique Face ID feature which uses facial recognition as a password.

Well, that feature gives Arya Stark a huge advantage. She can unlock anyone’s iPhone X. Biggest hack in the history of iPhone. Jaqen H’ghar approves!!

Arya Stark iPhone X

Arya Stark iPhone X Siri – A Girl is Arya Stark

Jaqen H’ghar approves – A Girl Has No Face ID

Arya Stark at Apple Launch Event

Jaqen H’ghar – The mastermind behind iPhone X Face ID

Arya Stark – The Hacker