Dickon Tarly Speculates Game of Thrones Ending

Dickon Tarly (Tom Hopper)

Tom Hopper who played Dickon Tarly has his own speculations on how Game of Thrones will end. He talked about two major theories about Game of Thrones Season 8.

Dickon Tarly (Tom Hopper) On How Game of Thrones Will End

We have talked about how Sam Tarly can be a central character in defeating the Night King and ending the Great War. There has been a discussion about how Sam can end up writing the history of Westeros, A Song of Ice and Fire‘. Tom Hopper supports this idea.

Dickon Tarly Speculates Game of Thrones Ending

Samwell Tarly With Archmaester Ebrose at The Citadel

I like the Sam fan theory,” Tom Hopper said. “It’s that Samwell Tarly is narrating the whole thing like it’s his story.”

Ahhh..That’s interesting and quite fitting to Sam’s character played by John Bradley. I wonder if George RR Martin likes this idea.

John Bradley also offered his thoughts on this speculation after Game of Thrones Season 6. He said, “One theory is that what we’re seeing now and how we’re experiencing Game of Thrones is Sam telling the story of Game of Thrones. If you take the logic of the story now, the story of Westeros and the story of the battle for the Iron Throne, it would be a book in [the Citadel] library,” he told The Hollywood Reporter last year.

So Sam Tarly ending up writing Westeros’ history is very much likely.

Tom Hopper didn’t just stop there. He weighed in on the Valonqar prophecy of Maggy the Frog, that Cersei Lannister will be strangled to death by someone known as “the Valonqar”. In Valyrian, it translates as “little brother” or “younger sibling”. In Tom Hopper’s words, “I think Jamie is probably going to end up killing Cersei.”

We saw Jaime breaking all bonds with Cersei when he comes to know that Cersei lied to Daenerys and Tyrion about contributing Lannister bannermen to fight the Night King. We saw Jaime leaving the King’s Landing after Cersei almost killed Jaime.

Jaime Lannister Dickon Tarly Speculates Game of Thrones Ending

Cersei Orders Mountain to Kill Jaime

Let’s see what happens in Game of Thrones Season 8. The filming of the next season begins in October.

Tom Hopper’s interview with the Be can be found here.