What Happened To The Dothraki?

So the long night came and went. A lot of people are wondering what happened to the Dothraki. They were part of the vanguard – the first line of defense in the battle of Winterfell against the Army of the Dead.

Melisandre lights Dothraki Arakhs Before it All Begins

dothraki long night

Dothraki March Off Towards The Army of the Dead – Long Night

Then Dothraki march off towards the Army of the Dead.

dothraki long night

Jorah Mormont & Ghost, the direwolf march with them and within a few minutes almost all of the Dothraki are gone. Killed by the Army of the Dead. A few manage to escape with Jorah. Then, when the Night King resurrects the dead towards the end of the episode they march with the dead.

Almost all of the Dothraki are dead now. So all of the speculations that Dothraki will play a big role in the long night were unbecoming. I wish Weiss & Benioff would have shown some Dothraki action before killing them all.

Sad. RIP Dothraki!