Night King Resurrects Viserion: Behind The Scenes

Game of Thrones Revealed, a 7 part series of behind the scenes action on Game of Thrones released a video on how the Night King resurrected Viserion towards the end of the episode “Beyond The Wall“. 

The fun part is watching Night King (Vladimir Furdik) giving a signal that he is ready to resurrect Viserion. Also, it is interesting to know that David Benioff and Dan Weiss didn’t have a script for Beyond The Wall when they approached Alan Taylor to direct this episode. 

Night King Resurrects Viserion: Special Effects

The special effects are quite phenomenal for this particular part of the frozen lake battle

Says Dan Weiss, “We knew that the Night King would see and seize this opportunity and like to think that. When the dragon dies that it’s kind of a nice one-two punch. On the one hand, you’re just seeing that the horror of one of these three only unique amazing beings like this in the world. Going under the water and not coming up again.

Game of Thrones Season 7 GIFS Night King Resurrects Viserion

Viserion Sinks Into The Lake

And you’re processing something that’s even worse which is when it comes back out from under the water again what happens then.

The eyes of the white walkers and the wights are a prominent feature of the show. A lot of work has gone into the specifics of the eyes of the wights and the white walkers. The Game of Thrones crew put a lot of effort into the iconic image of Viserion’s eye turning blue. It was the oh shit moment where everyone realized that the Night King has resurrected Viserion. 

It will be fun to see behind the scenes footage of Viserion emitting blue fire to destroy the wall in the next video of Game of Thrones Revealed series.

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