In the Game of Thrones leak posted by a YouTuber, we see that Arya Stark is back in Winterfell. It was a really heart touching scene when she looks at Winterfell before entering the castle. Her first stop is Godswood to pay a homage to her dead parents.

Game of Thrones Leak: What Happens When Arya Stark Returns to Winterfell?

Arya is then reunited with her sister Sansa Stark and her brother Brandon Stark. Brandon is no longer Brandon anymore as he is the three eyed raven now. He tells Arya about his visions and also gives Arya the knife that Littlefinger has given to him. Perhaps he is already gearing Arya up to kill Littlefinger in the coming episodes. Brandon knows that Littlefinger had a hand in killing his father.


Game of Thrones Leak

Arya Stark Back at Winterfell

Arya also duels with Brienne of Tarth in this episode. Twirling Needle, her sword, around gracefully, Arya more than holds her own with Brienne, who has perhaps found her protegee. Sansa doesn’t look very happy to know about Arya’s swordsmanship.

The full episode will air on HBO on Sunday at 9 pm EST.

For more info on the leaked episode check this out. The leak was officially acknowledged by HBO today.