Big news today. Game of Thrones Leaked..

The leaked footage (which has been taken down) showed a battle at Highgarden between Daenerys and her dragon, her Dothraki army, the Lannisters and the Tarlys.

Game of Thrones Leaked: Did Jaime Lannister Die?

In the clip by a YouTuber, Jaime Lannister runs towards Drogon with a spear. But Drogon spits fire and Jaime falls into the water in the last minute save by someone. Who can be that person? Bronn?

Game of Thrones Leaked

Jaime and Ser Bronne in Highgarden

Daenerys’s ride on Drogon is spectacular and I can’t wait for Sunday’s official episode to see it in HD.

Other clips show Arya Stark back at Winterfell and Jon Snow and Daenerys in a cave.

To know more about the leak visit here.