Will Varys Betray Daenerys?

Varys has always changed his allegiance to the rulers of Westeros depending upon their performance towards the people of the realm. He served King Aerys Targaryen and then King Robert Baratheon.

He issued the orders to kill Daenerys when she was married to Khal Drogo on behalf of King Robert. But he always remained friendly on all sides, to Illyrio Mopatis of Pentos who was loyal to Viserys & Daenerys & to King Robert in the old days.

Varys’s defense has always been that he did what he had to do in order to survive and to serve the realm. His spies are everywhere. He admitted to Tyrion in Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 4 that his loyalty lies to the realm no matter the personal cost to him.

Varys Thinks Daenerys is Becoming the Mad Queen

Queen Daenerys said this to Varys in Season 7 in Episode Stormborn:

“Daenerys: Swear this to me, Varys. If you ever think I’m failing the people, you won’t conspire behind my back. You’ll look me in the eye as you have done today, and you’ll tell me how I’m failing them.

Varys: I swear it, my queen.

Daenerys: And I swear this if you ever betray me, I’ll burn you alive”.

Varys feels that Queen Daenerys is not in her right state of mind anymore. Keeping true to his vow to Daenerys that he will remain honest with her, he shares that taking Kings Landing after Missandei’s capture would be a mistake. Daenerys agrees to a parlay after that conversation. 

But still, Varys feels that Queen Daenerys is no longer fit to rule. And Varys now knows that Jon Snow is Aegon Targaryen. Tyrion suggests that maybe if Jon and Daenerys get married they can rule together. To which Varys says:

varys betrays daenerys

“Do you think she wants to share the throne? She does not like to have her authority questioned.
I worry about her state of mind.”

Why Will Varys Betray Daenerys?

Let’s replay the conversation between Varys & Tyrion in the last week’s episode.

Varys: I’ve served tyrants most of my life. They all talk about destiny.

Tyrion: She’s a girl who walked into a fire with three stones and walked out with three dragons. How could she not believe in destiny?

Varys: Perhaps that’s the problem. Her life has convinced her that she was sent here to save us all.

Tyrion: And how do you know she wasn’t?

Varys: Then there’s the problem of Jon Snow. Perhaps it’s actually a solution. You know them both. Tell me, who do you think would make a better ruler?

Tyrion: He doesn’t want the throne. That’s why he bent the knee.

Varys: Have you considered the best ruler might be someone who doesn’t want to rule?

Tyrion: We’re discussing treason.

Varys: Don’t pretend you haven’t thought about it.

Tyrion: Of course I’ve thought about it. Thoughts aren’t treason.

Varys: He’s temperate and measured. He’s a man, which makes him more appealing to the lords of Westeros, whose support we are going to need.

Tyrion: Joffrey was a man. I don’t think a cock is a true qualification, as I’m sure you’d agree.

Varys: And he’s the heir to the throne. Yes, because he’s a man. Cocks are important, I’m afraid.

Tyrion: What about my earlier proposal? They could rule together as king and queen.

Varys: She’s too strong for him. She’d bend him to her will, as she already has.

Tyrion: He could temper her worst impulses.

Varys: As you have? You’re drinking quite a lot. A Targaryen father and a Stark mother. Jon’s the one man alive who might actually be able to keep the North in the Seven Kingdoms.

Tyrion: How many kings and queens have you served? Five? Six? I’ve lost count.

Varys: You’ve always known my reasons.

Tyrion: At a certain point, you choose a person you believe in, and you fight for that person.

Varys: Even if you know it’s a mistake?

Tyrion: I believe in our queen. She’ll make the right choice. With the help of her loyal advisors.

Varys: You know where my loyalty stands. You know I will never betray the realm.

Tyrion: What is the realm? A vast continent, home to millions of people, most of whom don’t care who sits on the Iron Throne.

Varys: Millions of people, many of whom will die if the wrong person sits on that throne. We don’t know their names, but they’re just as real as you and I. They deserve to live. They deserve food for their children. I will act in their interest, no matter the personal cost.

Tyrion: So, what happens to her? Please. Don’t.

Varys: I’ve spoken as honestly as I can. Each of us has a choice to make. I pray we choose wisely.

It has been prophecized in the books that Daenerys will suffer 3 betrayals. The first betrayal was Mirri Maz Durr who killed Khal Drogo and Daenerys’s son. The second betrayal was Jorah Mormont & is Varys the third?

It’s clear from this conversation that Varys doesn’t want Daenerys to rule the Seven Kingdoms. He is thinking about Jon becoming the ruler of the Seven Kingdoms. So we would have to wait and see. All he has to do is to spread whispers. 

What Would be the Varys’s Fate if Daenerys Comes to Know About His Betrayal?

The same as the Tarlys. She will utter ‘Dracarys’ and Varys will be ashes.

Remember Melisandre, the red woman. She already predicted Vary’s death in the episode ‘The Queen’s Justice’.