Last night, Game of Thrones left me feeling sad. We lost Viserion, one of Daenerys’s dragons in yesterday’s episode. I was wondering why Viserion died? Did they really have to kill him? He meant so much to Daenerys, and to all the fans. Then, I heard D. B. Weiss and David Benioff’s take on it.

Why Viserion Had to Die?

Showrunners David Benioff and D. B. Weiss revealed that they have been building toward the death of Viserion, for quite some time now. “The whole path of the show in some way has been trying to map out all of the episode end points, and with this one, it was the dragon opening its blue eye, and realizing that the Night King has finally gotten his own weapon of mass destruction,” according to Benioff.


It seemed to me that killing of Viserion for Benioff and Weiss was just a purely mechanical thing. They build on it further in a cold manner. Says Weiss, ” What was fun about the sequence — in an awful way to us — is up until the end, it’s very close to one of those battles where all the good guys get out the other side more or less scot-free. But we knew that killing the dragon was going to have a tremendous emotional impact. Over the seasons and seasons of the show, it’s really been emphasized what they are to Dany. We knew the Night King would see and seize this opportunity.” 


When Daenerys Saw Viserion Dying

Yes, indeed the Night King saw that as an opportunity and revived Viserion. When the Night King touches Viserion his eye opens all turned blue. That was indeed chilling. Tyrion Lannister’s advice to bring a wight back to King’s Landing gave the Night King a weapon to tear down the Wall.


Viserion Gets Revived By The Night King


Continues Weiss, “We like to think when the dragon dies, it’s kind of a one-two punch. On the one hand, you’ve just seen the horror of one of these three amazing beings like this in the world going under the water and not coming up again, and processing that. Then you’re processing something that’s even worse: when it comes back up from under the water again, and we see in the last shot of the episode what it becomes.”


But hey, there is something positive to look forward to. Jon and Daenerys are definitely closer to each other than before. Daenerys is going to need all the emotional support that she can get from Jon as she just lost her child. Not only that, Jon is going to need Daenerys to truly defeat the Night King when he tears down the wall with the help of his ice dragon Viserion.

Let’s see what happens in the season finale. I just hope that we don’t see more of our beloved Game of Thrones characters dying.